Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Post Birmingham MCM Comic Con 2014

Sarah Fogg and I had a table at Birmingham MCM Comic Con. Thank you very much to everyone who stopped for a chat or bought our comics. It was a busy show and we had a really great time.

Most items in the photo are available to order from my Etsy shop or Sarah's Etsy shop.
We don't have any tables booked in April but our next events will be BCExpo and London MCM Expo in May. Gemma Sheldrake will have her own table in the comic village at MCM.

Thanks for reading
Sammy Borras
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pre Birmingham MCM Comic Con

Sarah Fogg and I will have a table in the Comic Village at Birmingham MCM Comic Con on Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd March. We will both be launching new comics! I think the spring issue for Wha'ts The Time Mrs. Woolf? will be availble.

Giant Rhinos In Space #1 contains the first chapter of a long format comic. You can read most of the first chapter online here. The webcomic updates with 3 new pages every Friday.

Sarah Fogg has printed a complilation of her wordless comics which were origially printed in issues of the Bear Pit zine. I really love all these comics and they work really well as a set.

Sarah and I can confirm that we will also be sharing a table at the following events
Thanks for reading
Sammy Borras
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Confrimed Spring Events

Thank you to Gemma Sheldrake for this super cute illustration of us as witches! In our last blog post we annouced that there will no longer be an Inspired Comics group table at events. But some of our members will still be attending separately, so here is all the information you need about confirmed events this spring.

Midlands MCM Comic Con (Comic Village) - 15th February

Birmingham MCM Comic Con - 22nd-23rd March

BCExpo - 10th-11th May

London MCM Comic Con - 23rd - 25th May

I'm super excited about all of them already! Particularly in May when we get a chance to catch up with Gemma.

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? have open submissions for women and girls. The next deadline for the spring issue is on 28th February. For more information visit their tumblr blog.

Thank you!
Sammy Borras 
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

2014 Annoucement


We are changing how things work at Inspired Comics Collective. We're not planning to make any new members only anthologies. This also means we are not going to have a collective table at events anymore. This is to do with boring administration reasons and we are all still good friends. We formed as a group way back in spring 2008 and it has been a lot of fun learning how to make comics together. Thank you to everyone who has been a member or helped us along the way.

I am going to keep this blog up to date with members news. There are some exciting personal projects you might have spotted which will be continuing this year.

I'm going to start with some news from Gem Sheldrake. The Wastelands has recently been added to the Comixology app for mobile devices. Click here for more information on downloading it.

Jack Davies has also made Alex The Abomination available for pdf download. Click here for more information on downloading it. You can also interact with Alex herself through Facebook and Twitter.

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? is a quarterly zine created by Sarah Fogg and Lily-rose Beardshaw. The new Winter issue is available online through Sarah Fogg's Etsy Shop.

If you would like to buy a copy of our last anthology Mixtape. I have 5 copies left and they are available to order online through my Etsy Shop.

I'll be back here in a couple of weeks with some more news
Thank you very much to everyone who supported us as a group or bought our anthologies
Sammy Borras 
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Volume at the Library of Birmingham 2013

Hello! I would like to start this time with a big thank you to Shaz, Sarah, Jack, Mum and Dad for their help at the weekend! I really needed the help due to a bike accident at the begining of this week so it was much appreciated, you are all super awesome!
Thank you to everyone who came by our table at Volume for a chat. I hope everyone enjoyed reading their comics and zines! 


We had to travel light this weekend so the table looks a bit less packed. If you are interested in ordering online you can browse through the following online shops


In the morning on saturday we were given the chance to draw or write something to go in a 3 colour risograph zine which was printed before the end of the event!
My alien drawing is on the inside back opposite a lovely illustration by Kristyna Baczynski
Jack's illustration ended up oposite Dan Berry's illustration
and Shaz drew super cute pink portraits of some of the Inspired gang!
Thanks again for a great time

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Last Minute Annoucement

I'm happy to announce that we have a last minute table at Volume Print Fair at the new Library of Birmingham on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December. That's this weekend! Click here for more information about the full event. I'm super excited because the new library is awesome and it's great to do local events!

If our last minute plans work out Shaz JubeenJack Davies, Sarah Fogg will be around at the event with their work as well as extra stock by Gem Sheldrake and Sammy Borras. And of course we will have our group anthologies and hopefully some free mini comics and/or bookmarks.

Thank you very much to all Inspired Members for their last minute help and support this week!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Post Thought Bubble

Hello! Thank you very much to everyone who stopped by at Thought Bubble! It was a fun weekend being surrounded by amazing comics! I hope you liked our Christmas lights! All we were missing was a minor celebrity to come and turn them on for us.

Thank you to Dom McKenzie for the first photo in this set! (Sorry I think my phone camera struggled to focus with the lights and most of mine were a blurry mess :( )

If you are interested in ordering comics online you can find them at these online shops (roughly left to right in the photos)

Sarah's Etsy Shop
  • Handbound Notebooks
  • Postcards
  • ACEOs
  • What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? Zines

Sammy's Etsy Shop
  • Inspired's Mixtape Anthology
  • Sammy & Sarah's Goth Anthology and Music Zines
  • Zines In Space
  • Badges, Vinyl Stickers and Plectrums
  • 2002
  • Lumpy Space Princess Perzine
  • Mini Comics

Jack's Etsy Shop
  • Alex The Abominable
Gem's Store Envy
  • The Wastelands Rahu

Thank you to Sarah, Shaz(and Kate) and Jack for helping out behind the table over the weekend!

Thanks again for following the blog!

Monday, 18 November 2013

New stuff that is not comics for Thought Bubble

Sarah Fogg has made some great new postcards which are scheduled to arrive in time to take to Thought Bubble this weekend. Sarah's characters are great, I love how diverse the set of illustrations is. You can see more wonderful sketches and ink drawings of them in Sarah's Sketchvember sets over on tumblr.

I printed some glow in the dark Giant Rhinos plectrums and some brand new vinyl stickers and badges. The characters are Pip and Annie who feature in my most recent selfpublished comic, Zines In Space. All the new merch and comics are avalible to order from my Etsy Shop.
Check out the main blog for more information on what we're taking to Thought Bubble.
Don't forget you can find us in the Allied London Hall on table 93.
Thanks again and see some of you there!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Wastelands Rahu at Thought Bubble

Inspired have a table at Thought Bubble next weekend. You can find us in the Allied London Hall on table 93. We are taking some of Gemma Sheldrake's new big beautiful full colour Rahu books. Don't worry if you can't get to Leeds! You can read the webcomic or buy online through the Manga Magazine website.

We will also have anthologies, comics and zines by the group. This includes Free Mini Comics to hand out. You can also try out the following secret pasword: 'Do you have a business card?' (While stocks last. Sorry we were low on stock at london MCM Expo, I'm hoping we will have more this time.)

Jack Davies will be around saturday only (but we will keep his comics for sunday) and Sarah Fogg, Shaz Jubeen and myself will be there for the full weekend. I'll let you know if we're bringing anything else new to the event. See you there!

Thanks again!!
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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Post London MCM Expo October 2013



Thank you very much to everyone who visited our table at London MCM Expo last weekend! Sarah and I had a great time chatting and eating cake! I hope everyone enjoyed their comics! This is the last spooky photo for October. I hope you are having an awesome halloween!
We took these photos on Sunday morning, so there is a couple of comics missing from the photos. We had a lovely time catching up with Gemma Sheldrake and now we have some stock for our table at Thought Bubble! We should also have more copies of Jack's Alex The Abominable comics!
I'm excited to go to Thought Bubble already! You'll be able to find our table in the all new Allied London  Hall. It looks much bigger than I expected! So many comics to see!
Thanks agian!
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pre MCM Expo Post

Just to remind you that we're launching 2 brand new comics this weekend at London MCM Expo!

It's a massive event - but you'll be able to find us in the Comics Village in row B (There should be a map in the event program and helpful signs hovering above marking out the areas of the hall)

Children Of The Night is a collection of 6 goth themed comics I created with Sarah Fogg. We also had fun putting together a halloween playlist and then illustrating 6 songs each. Both books are now listed on my Etsy.

This week I had some copies of Alex the Abominable posted from Jack Davies ready to take to London.

We will also have the regular free mini comics to hand out! If we are busy when you come by and you don't get handed one there is a secret password you can use!! 'Do you have a business card?' and free stuff will be placed into your hands! (while stocks last)

Thanks!! See you there!!
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Monday, 21 October 2013

Children Of The Night

Our new goth comics anthology arrived today! We'll be launching the book at London MCM Expo this weekend, but I've listed them on my Etsy shop encase you can't make it.

Children Of The Night

$6.30 = £4 (approximately)
$2.25 = £1.50 (approximately)
International Shipping: $7

Adventures in after-school ghost summoning
The friendly face of the zombie apocalypse
Insight into the perils of the gothic lifestyle
Busking from beyond the grave
When demon-hunting isn't as goth as it sounds
The unified theory of why goths always win

Sammy and Sarah present six comics chronicling the trials and tribulations of children of the night

Children Of The Night
Goth themed short story comics anthology
Released: October 2013
Pages: 56 (Black & White)
Size: A5
Comics Creators: Sarah Fogg and Sammy Borras
Cover Art: Sarah Fogg
Digital Printing: Inky Little Fingers

Thanks for reading the blog!
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Sunday, 20 October 2013

UoG Small Press Fair

Just to say we had a great time at the University of Gloucestershire's Small Press Fair last weekend. A massive thank you to anyone who said hi or bought some zines! It was really great to see tutors and other students again.

We'll also have a table in the Comics Village at London MCM Expo from friday afternoon though to sunday. I'm super excited because our Goth anthology is schedueled to arrive from the printers tomorrow! So expect more blog previews during the week!

Thanks again
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Children Of The Night Preview - Christmas Day Of The Dead

This is actually a comic I wrote a couple of years ago, but the project was droped and I ended up not finishing my submission. I did make a couple of changes but it was nice to finally see this story on paper.

Don't forget to keep an eye on this blog for more previews before London MCM Expo at the end of the month.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Goth Anthology Previews - After School

Hello! The photos from the weekend aren't quite ready yet, so I'll try and blog about that as soon as I can.

Over the weekend Sarah Fogg and I have also been compiling our new comic anthology!! It's called Children Of The Night and we sent the files off to the printers today. The books are schedueled to arrive in time to take to London MCM Expo!

Keep following over the next 2 weeks for previews from all the comics in the new anthology!

When they arrive I'll get them listed on Etsy.

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