Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Confrimed Spring Events

Thank you to Gemma Sheldrake for this super cute illustration of us as witches! In our last blog post we annouced that there will no longer be an Inspired Comics group table at events. But some of our members will still be attending separately, so here is all the information you need about confirmed events this spring.

Midlands MCM Comic Con (Comic Village) - 15th February

Birmingham MCM Comic Con - 22nd-23rd March

BCExpo - 10th-11th May

London MCM Comic Con - 23rd - 25th May

I'm super excited about all of them already! Particularly in May when we get a chance to catch up with Gemma.

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? have open submissions for women and girls. The next deadline for the spring issue is on 28th February. For more information visit their tumblr blog.

Thank you!
Sammy Borras 
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