Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? Call For Entries

Greetings dearest Woolves! Sarahwoolf here with some news about the zine.

As of this month, we will be publishing What’s the Time, Mrs Woolf? every three months, rather than every two. This is mostly because Lilywoolf and Sarahwoolf (me!) just don’t have time to do our day jobs, our freelance work and a bi-monthly zine, and this has lead to Lilywoolf taking many breaks from the zine and Sarahwoolf doing almost nothing but the zine. We hope that publishing only four issues per year, rather than six, will be more manageable. (Not to mention Sarahwoolf’s poor mother won’t have to print quite so many tracing paper overlays. I love you, Mum!) Hopefully this will also make it easier for all of you to contribute, as there will be more warning for each deadline.

As there will be four zines per year, we’ve also decided to base them on seasons, rather than months. WTTMW will now come out as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter issues! These loosely correspond to months as follows:

Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Autumn: September, October, November
Winter: December, January, February

Under this new system our next issue will be the Spring issue! We’re setting the deadline at the 1st of May. Remember you can submit anything you like, from illustrations to articles to puzzles and recipes. We already have some lovely work from the defunct March/April issue and we’re looking forward to seeing more!

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? is a zine created by Sarah and Lily. We sell the issues on the Inspired table at events. The project has an open submissions system so check out their website for contact details!


Monday, 18 March 2013

78 Stone Wobble Photo Set

We had a great time at Birmingham MCM Expo at the weekend! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello, buy stuff or get their portrait done! The next event we're attending will be Bristol Comics Expo and we hope to have some new comics released at the event so stay tuned here for the development updates over the next month. You can also find our updates over on Tumblr this year.

(Thanks Sarah, Laura and Jack for helping on the table)


PS: I'll leave you with my photography inspiration:

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring Events 2013!

Hello! Inspired should have tables at these events in the spring! Exciting!! 8D