Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Petitecreme Sale!

Gem Sheldrake is having a massive clear out sale on her Etsy site. There are comics, posters and charms all being sold between 50p-£2! Get them quick before they go!

Gem is also available for commission at the moment, her price guide and contact is all on this page of her website. 

Inspired are currently working out what we would like to do next as a group and arranging which events we'll be at. I'll be back occasionally to keep you up to date with projects we're working on outside of the collective.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Buy Eat Me! Online!!

Eat Me!
Post and Package: £1.50
Sugary sweet bunnies, a deliciously grim detective tale, turf wars of fiendish butchers and food wars on national TV! Just some of the stories to be found in Eat Me! a food-themed anthology from Inspired Comics. Sit down and feed your brain with six original comics, from light snacks to juicy steaks, there’s something for every taste.

Released: May 2011
Pages: 52 (Black & White)
Size: A5
Comics Creators: Sarah Fogg, Lily-rose Beardshaw, Sammy Borras, Catherine Reda, Luke Bayliss, Harry Griffin-Hayes and Jack Davies 
Cover Art: Sarah Fogg

Monday, 14 May 2012

Bristol Comic Expo 2012

Hello! Thank you very much to anyone who stopped by to say hello and/or buy a comic at Bristol Expo! Sarah, Shaz and I all had a lot of fun behind the table and catching up with friends. 

Before we went to expo I didn't manage to get a photo of Sarah's new original art cards but I want to show you because they're lovely. (on the left) 

Thanks again!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bristol Expo Extras!

Inspired comics have fun compiling anthologies together once or twice a year but at Bristol Expo this weekend we will have some new comics created by a couple of individuals from the collective. I have got some comics previews for you now! 

Shazia Jubeen is just finishing the last year of her illustration degree. This short story comic Thin Ice is the result of the hard work put into her final major project. You can find more of Shazia's comics and illustration on her blog. 

This weekend Sarah Fogg will be releasing a new mini comic called The Bad Fairy Bakery. Click the images to enlarge to read the blurb and preview page. Sarah will also be bringing a collection of What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? zines and new hand drawn art cards and mini prints. 

I've decided to touch up and print Smoothie Wars, a mini comic from my webcomic short story site. It features characters Ted and Tim who have recently appeared again in my Eat Me! anthology submission. I will have copies of  Best Day Ever and some new sticker designs. 

We will also have some bookmarks and handmade trinkets created by Catherine Reda 

Thanks again for reading the blog and I hope you come along and say hi this weekend

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Mysterious Land of Under-Noodle

The final preview page is from The Mysterious Land of Under-Noodle by Sarah Fogg. The comic follows  people that are small enough to live on top of a noodle bowl. I really love how good Sarah is at creating entirely new fictional worlds for comics. I don't want to give away too much encase I spoil the comic. 

I have one more blog post before Bristol Expo this weekend
Thanks again for reading!

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Butcher and the Tattooist

The Butcher and the Tattooist by Lily-rose Beardshaw is the next comic featured in our new food themed anthology, Eat Me! Lily originally worked on the story while doing a year of university studies in Brussels and translated the project for our anthology. Below are some of the original development work with notes in french. 

As well as translating the language some of the places have been edited for the anthology version. Lily told me that the french super market Carrefour, became Tesco, and the Canal du Charleroi became the Thames but Marc's name is still spelt the french way. Borough Market abattoirs were originally the Abattoirs d'Anderlecht. Most of the characters are based on real faces Lily sketched at a market in Brussels. 

Lily recently finished a internship with the London Print Studio and their Parallel Lives anthology is available through Amazon. 

Thanks again

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Anthology Photos

The printed comics arrived yesterday so I have taken some pictures. Unfortunately I only have a phone camera so these were the best I could get. I'm pleased with the print quality and I can't wait till Bristol Expo now.  The cover art is by Sarah Fogg and comic in the photo is by Jack Davies

I also took a photo of the Catherine Reda's Bunny food stickers. They're sooo cute. We will have them on sale at Bristol Expo in a couple of weeks. 

There will be 2 more preview pages next week !

Thanks again

Food Wars

The second Eat Me! preview this week comes from my own comic, Food Wars. The comic follows a robot, school girl, goth and scientists while they cook for public votes on telly. Contestants Ted and Tim are characters that originally appeared in a short webcomic story called Smoothie Wars (its not like a sequel, both stories are self contained). On the first page there is also a small cameo of Ed from another webcomic called Best Day Ever

I'll be back a bit later with some new photos :)