Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from Inspired Comics!

All my familys christmas cards this year are illustrations of christmas songs. I can't post them all because I've not sent them all yet. :S

(sorry theres not as many christmasy pictures as last year because I left asking the group so late.)


Monday, 26 November 2012

Thought Bubble 2012 Photos and Stuff

Hello! Sorry for the delay, I had to wait for the photos and then I was too busy to sit and write this all out. Sarah took some photos of our table using her camera at Thought Bubble this time. But that does mean that I'm in the photos instead of Sarah - Sorry! 

Sarah made some new beautiful watercolour postcard designs in time to take to Thought Bubble!

This photo is of Issues 2-6 of What's The Time Mrs Woolf? - you can read more about Sarah and Lily's zine on their WTTMW? blog

This is a photo of the Artists trading cards! they were a lot of fun to make! Top row paintings by Sarah, ink drawings on the left by Sammy and bottom right paintings by Shaz

This is a photo of the music fan zine that Sarah and I made. Then my self published comics  followed by Inspired's latest anthology, Eat Me! 

These photos are of Inspired's old anthologies (on the stand). We're actually very low on stock for some of these comics so I've listed them on Etsy encase anyone is interested in grabbing a copy before they become out of print. We wont be printing any more copies in the future. 

The photo also includes Thin Ice by Shaz Jubeen, bunny food stickers and bookmarks by Cat Reda and bookmarks by Gem Sheldrake

Sarah also made her own dress! The design is from Josceline Fenton's Hemlock comics. Josceline also won an award over the weekend for emerging talent - congratulations!!

Thanks to everyone who came by the table! and thanks to Sarah, Lily and Shaz for coming to help at the weekend. 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Art Cards at Thought Bubble 2012

We've been taking Sarah's hand painted artist trading cards to some events this year (left of the photo). They look like fun to make so a couple more Inspired members have been joining in to make some to take to Thought Bubble this weekend.

This photo is of some of the cards Shaz has been making. :D They're tiny water colour paintings like most of Sarah's trading cards.

And these are some of the designs I'll be taking - the characters are from Inspired's anthology Eat Me! Most the cards I've been making are ink on bristol board.

There might even be an oppertunity at the weekend to commission cards at the event - we'll probably have a sign up

We'll be in New Dock Hall on table 162 (in the middle of the hall - next to Jonathan Cape and opposite Nobrow - I think thats useful directions )

Thanks again for following this blog! I'll be online next week with a Thought Bubble write up thing

Friday, 9 November 2012

Dead Roots and Alex The Abominable

 The dead will walk in this all-new zombie comic anthology.


Want to experience the pain, suffering, despair and icky, gory bits of a zombie attack?

Of course you do.

Dead Roots brings together top talent from the worlds of TV, animation, films, comics and games to provide an anthology of stories from the early hours of a zombie outbreak.

From big splatter horror to intimate human drama via black comedy, bleak tragedy and the kind of storytelling that makes you pretend you guessed the ending all along. Dead Roots has it all.

This four-part, bumper-sized app-comic comes out every three months with 40 pages of glorious, zombie-based artwork.

Our comic reader lets you enjoy each comic in either full-page mode or by individual panels. But be careful - you might not want to get too close...

Jack Davies has been working on some new exciting comics outside of our Inspired anthologies. Dead Roots is a digital zombie anthology which is available through itunes


These are some exciting sneak peaks from Jack's Alex The Abominable book. It has a Dec/Jan estimated release date so I'll let you know more about how to get hold of a copy nearer the time! 

Thanks again!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ayden Lamia Manga Webcomic Feature !!

 'Venefictia is just trying to live her life, it's a shame she has to do the devils work.'

Inspired member Gem Sheldrake has been working hard on a new manga style webcomic called Ayden Lamia! It launched in early October so there's already 2 chapters available to read on for free!

Thanks for reading and supporting this group blog!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Post London MCM Expo stuff

Hello! A massive thank you to the lovely people who visited our table at MCM Expo last weekend! We had a really great time seeing lots of friends, drawing pictures and eating too much cake! (Sarah is in the photo)

The fox head that was making our comics look cool was created by Grace from The What Not Tree

If you'd like to read about the publications on the table see our pre-mcm post

On Sunday morning we got up early and went on the cable carts before the show opened! Look its the Olympic park! and lots of yellow people jogging round a car park! We got off and had a look - they where people doing Run To The Beat! We could hear their music echoing around near the excel centre before we got on the cable carts.

Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend! Not long till Thought Bubble! :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Monster pre London MCM Expo 2012 post!!

Inspired Comics will be at London MCM Expo for the first time! We'll be in the comics village and you can find our table on row C. We'll be there Friday though till Sunday! The images above are the covers for all the anthologies we've created as a collective that will be available from the event.

Sarah and Lily's What's The Time Mrs Woolf? has been running for a whole year! The latest issue has a spooky theme and I'm very excited that its ready to take to London at the weekend. (I'm not sure which back issues are in stock, but don't worry because you don't need to read in a particular order)

Sarah will be around all weekend so I hope she is bringing plenty of copies of her mini comics The Bad Fairy Bakery and Patience is a Virtue

Sarah and I have also created our first music zine this autumn! It features articles, illustrations and comics featuring Blur, The Kinks, Everything Everything, Peace, Gorillaz, De La Soul, Little Dragon, Helen Arney, Bellatrix, Gil Scott-Heron, Ghostpoet, DANGER DOOM, The Subways, The Clash, Elastica, Phillipa Hannah, The Unthanks and Young Knives

I'll be taking my new comic Jumping The Shark, a sequel to Best Day Ever. The printed version of the webcomic includes an exclusive bonus comic! I'll also have copies of some of my mini comics.

Shaz will also be around for some of the weekend and I'll be taking copies of her comic Thin Ice which was created for her final major project earlier in the year.

And we'll have the usual badges, stickers, plectrums, bookmarks post cards and art cards!

We've also photocopied a limited amount of free mini comics and zines to bundle together and hand out at the event

I think thats everything - listing it all feels like a test!

Thanks again for reading and maybe I'll see you at the weekend!