Monday, 26 November 2012

Thought Bubble 2012 Photos and Stuff

Hello! Sorry for the delay, I had to wait for the photos and then I was too busy to sit and write this all out. Sarah took some photos of our table using her camera at Thought Bubble this time. But that does mean that I'm in the photos instead of Sarah - Sorry! 

Sarah made some new beautiful watercolour postcard designs in time to take to Thought Bubble!

This photo is of Issues 2-6 of What's The Time Mrs Woolf? - you can read more about Sarah and Lily's zine on their WTTMW? blog

This is a photo of the Artists trading cards! they were a lot of fun to make! Top row paintings by Sarah, ink drawings on the left by Sammy and bottom right paintings by Shaz

This is a photo of the music fan zine that Sarah and I made. Then my self published comics  followed by Inspired's latest anthology, Eat Me! 

These photos are of Inspired's old anthologies (on the stand). We're actually very low on stock for some of these comics so I've listed them on Etsy encase anyone is interested in grabbing a copy before they become out of print. We wont be printing any more copies in the future. 

The photo also includes Thin Ice by Shaz Jubeen, bunny food stickers and bookmarks by Cat Reda and bookmarks by Gem Sheldrake

Sarah also made her own dress! The design is from Josceline Fenton's Hemlock comics. Josceline also won an award over the weekend for emerging talent - congratulations!!

Thanks to everyone who came by the table! and thanks to Sarah, Lily and Shaz for coming to help at the weekend. 

Thanks for reading! 

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