Thursday, 26 May 2011

Our friends and comics in London this weekend

You're probably already aware that MCM Expo and The Alternative Press Fair are both happening in London this weekend. Inspired do not have a table at either event but some of our work should be floating around in a couple of places. 

These are the thumbnails are the anthology covers to look out for which contain writing by Laura McNulty and my artwork. You should definitely try and find these tables because they all have other really great comics and magazines available too. 

Leek & Sushi's Manga Show by Itch Publishing
Six compiled by Ushio
Nami compiled by Non-repro

Sally Thompson is another table worth finding, we shared a table at Bristol Small Press Expo a couple of weekends ago. She'll have many pretty comics and extras. 

The Alternative Press Fair

Around half the current members of Inspired Comics are students at the University of Gloucestershire. Our illustration course has a table at events under the title Pittville Press. A couple of our class mates are taking a few bits of our work down. I've probably featured all the books that you might find quite recently, so just check the last couple of posts for more information.

Sorry, I personally can't make it down to London. I hope you all have a great time. YAY COMICS!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Webcomics - The Wastelands and Instant Comics

Hello again, a couple of members are working on webcomics at the moment so I thought I should link you up to them.

The Wastelands 

"This is a personal driven project I'll be doing to keep myself busy and not to rust out now that my university course is finishing. To improve on environments (Which I have such a crush for) and practice colouring. The comic's probably going to be updated weekly, maybe several times a week depending on how busy I am. But feel free to watch my Twitter for updates or subscribe here and on Smackjeeves where it will be posted!" (Petitecreme blog, 2011) 
It's exciting to see more of Gem's comics online to reach a wider audience. You can find more of Gem's work on her Petitecreme art blog.  

Instant Comics 

Instant Comics is actually a collection of short stories instead of a particular series. Theres several stories already online in the archives. I use the webcomic as a way to try different art and story telling styles. I am starting a new story this Friday (27th May) called Moth Eyes, about a recent sleep walking experience I had. 

Thanks for reading 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Bristol SP Expo 2011 - Report! 8D

Hello again! We're back from Bristol Small Press Expo. We had a really great time - thank you very much to anyone who bought comics from out table! Sorry I don't have many pictures, and they're quite low quality. Our table was packed full of exciting new books and extra things, it was really nice.

Sorry I didn't manage to update with more books before hand - we were hit by Blogger's updating errors. I zoomed in on Gem's stuff so you can have a good look. We took along The Wastelands books which ave a comic and lots of lovely concept sketches. Luckily I can link you to Gem's online store where you can pick a copy up! We also had a couple of Lily's lovely hand made badges and a couple of different comics and art books.

I'll finish the report with this sketch by Sally in one of Sarah's hand made notebooks. 
Special thanks to Sally, Lily, Shaz and Sarah  :)

Thanks for reading! - I'll try to keep on top on reporting on our projects and work throughout the year and hopefully any other events we'll be at!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bristol SP Expo 2011 Sarah's Comics and hand made books

Hello again! I took some photos of the stuff Sarah Fogg will be selling on our table at Bristol Small Press Expo this weekend. (sorry about the low camera phone quality)  Patience is a Virtue is a very cute little comic that will be available - you can find out more about the comic and read it on Sarah's blog. Sarah is taking a limited amount of hand bound illustration portfolio booklets and a small selection of hard back and soft back hand stitched notebooks.

Sarah has also printed a great selection of postcards. My camera phone doesn't really do them justice - you can get a better look at them on her blog 

Thanks again - see you at Bristol Small Press Expo!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bristol SP Expo 2011 Sammy's Comics

These are the comics I will be taking to Bristol Expo. Best Day Ever is a printed version of a webcomic that ran weekly this time last year which comes with a bonus comic and two badges. The Giant Rhinos In Space books are spare dummy books I had printed. These comics wont be printed in this format again so they are very limited editions and each book will come with a unique sketch inside! For more information about Giant Rhinos visit my project blog. Alien Rendez-Vous is a parody comic created for my university research project. You can read Alien Rendez-Vous online.

I will have lots of free mini comics to hand to everyone.

If you can't make it to Bristol Expo this weekend, I have an Etsy online shop with my comics and a couple of the Inspired anthologies too

I'll be back throughout this week to tell you more about what exciting extras Inspired members will have on our table this year

Thanks again

Bristol SP Expo 2011 Anthologies

Inspired Comics have a table at Bristol Small Press Expo this weekend! We will be sharing our table with Sally Jane Thompson. All the anthologies listed above will be available for £1 each! (Unfortunately we sold the last couple of Blob comics at Midlands MCM Expo earlier in the year)

I'll be back throughout the week to tell you about some of the other books we'll have on the table.