Monday, 16 May 2011

Bristol SP Expo 2011 - Report! 8D

Hello again! We're back from Bristol Small Press Expo. We had a really great time - thank you very much to anyone who bought comics from out table! Sorry I don't have many pictures, and they're quite low quality. Our table was packed full of exciting new books and extra things, it was really nice.

Sorry I didn't manage to update with more books before hand - we were hit by Blogger's updating errors. I zoomed in on Gem's stuff so you can have a good look. We took along The Wastelands books which ave a comic and lots of lovely concept sketches. Luckily I can link you to Gem's online store where you can pick a copy up! We also had a couple of Lily's lovely hand made badges and a couple of different comics and art books.

I'll finish the report with this sketch by Sally in one of Sarah's hand made notebooks. 
Special thanks to Sally, Lily, Shaz and Sarah  :)

Thanks for reading! - I'll try to keep on top on reporting on our projects and work throughout the year and hopefully any other events we'll be at!

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