Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Webcomics - The Wastelands and Instant Comics

Hello again, a couple of members are working on webcomics at the moment so I thought I should link you up to them.

The Wastelands 

"This is a personal driven project I'll be doing to keep myself busy and not to rust out now that my university course is finishing. To improve on environments (Which I have such a crush for) and practice colouring. The comic's probably going to be updated weekly, maybe several times a week depending on how busy I am. But feel free to watch my Twitter for updates or subscribe here and on Smackjeeves where it will be posted!" (Petitecreme blog, 2011) 
It's exciting to see more of Gem's comics online to reach a wider audience. You can find more of Gem's work on her Petitecreme art blog.  

Instant Comics 

Instant Comics is actually a collection of short stories instead of a particular series. Theres several stories already online in the archives. I use the webcomic as a way to try different art and story telling styles. I am starting a new story this Friday (27th May) called Moth Eyes, about a recent sleep walking experience I had. 

Thanks for reading 

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