Monday, 29 October 2012

Post London MCM Expo stuff

Hello! A massive thank you to the lovely people who visited our table at MCM Expo last weekend! We had a really great time seeing lots of friends, drawing pictures and eating too much cake! (Sarah is in the photo)

The fox head that was making our comics look cool was created by Grace from The What Not Tree

If you'd like to read about the publications on the table see our pre-mcm post

On Sunday morning we got up early and went on the cable carts before the show opened! Look its the Olympic park! and lots of yellow people jogging round a car park! We got off and had a look - they where people doing Run To The Beat! We could hear their music echoing around near the excel centre before we got on the cable carts.

Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend! Not long till Thought Bubble! :)

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