Monday, 7 May 2012

The Butcher and the Tattooist

The Butcher and the Tattooist by Lily-rose Beardshaw is the next comic featured in our new food themed anthology, Eat Me! Lily originally worked on the story while doing a year of university studies in Brussels and translated the project for our anthology. Below are some of the original development work with notes in french. 

As well as translating the language some of the places have been edited for the anthology version. Lily told me that the french super market Carrefour, became Tesco, and the Canal du Charleroi became the Thames but Marc's name is still spelt the french way. Borough Market abattoirs were originally the Abattoirs d'Anderlecht. Most of the characters are based on real faces Lily sketched at a market in Brussels. 

Lily recently finished a internship with the London Print Studio and their Parallel Lives anthology is available through Amazon. 

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