Friday, 10 May 2013

Pre Bristol Comics Expo Post

Hello! This saturday and sunday (11th-12th) we will be at Bristol Comics Expo! We're launching our new anthology Mixtape. (See the last couple of blog  posts for previews) We still have copies of Eat Me!, last years food themed anthology. If you can't attend the event these books are listed on my Etsy shop.

We will have all the issues of What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? which are still in stock. They are magazines style zines so it's not important to start from the begining or read in order. The issues are also listed on Sarah's Etsy

Some of the solo comics Sarah and I will be bringing along. We'll be taking some mini comics, postcards, badges and things too.

Sale!! Sale!! Beyond Fantsy and Alien Rendez-vous are the last stock of some of our older comics and they will be just 50p!
FREE MINI COMICS! We'll have around 60 sets of free mini comics to give out at the event. If we forget to hand you one if you're browsing the secret code is 'Do you have a business card?' - and free things will be in placed your hands!

I think thats everything. We have a bigger table space so basically everything we have in stock will be there!

Thanks see you there!
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* sorry I forgot to list this. Sarah and I made a music zine last year. We've got some copies left. there wont be any reprints because we'd love to make another one.

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