Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Ghost Story by Sarah Fogg - Design and Development

Hello! Sarah Fogg sent me some media tests she did for her comic.It looks great and really fits well with the mood of the story. Instead of guessing I asked Sarah to talk through how she got this effect:
I didn't do much development work for this comic as the idea came together very quickly, but I did have to do some media tests. In university I did a longer comic by drawing in water-soluble ink and then spreading it around the page with a paint brush. I thought the floaty effect would be good for a ghost story (the original project was a ghost story too), but I'd long since lost the pen I used, so I did a few doodles of the characters using new pens, on a couple of different kinds of paper. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the blog, the first combination of a cheap cartridge pen on bristol board worked fine, so I only did these few little pictures before starting the comic itself.
 I do have at least 1 more design and development blog left for you so keep a eye out this weekend. Next week I'm hoping we can show you the cover submissions and let you know which has been picked by the group. 


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