Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Melody of Life by Laura McNulty and Sammy Borras - Design and Development


Between my posts Inspired have confirmed a table at Manchester MCM Expo 2013! I had a great time there last year so I'm really looking forward to attending again. 

Inspired are working hard on sorting our next anthology ready to be released in May. I'm hoping I can get some interesting comic making posts together over the next week or 2.We should be able to announce the cover (and book title?) shortly too.

The Melody of Life is a 5 page short story written by Laura McNulty and illustrated by myself. I really love that the Inspired anthologies have given me a lot of opportunities to work with a writer on types of stories I would normally avoid because I don't find them easy to tell.

Because the comic has a music theme I decided to start the layout using sheet music. Each bar is a different aspect of what music is often compared to. I used the digital thumbnails to explain what I meant to Laura.

This is the final ink work. I think this is the first comic page I've ever drawn which doesn't feature any figures. It's also very difficult to draw objects like clouds with just line work because they don't really have outlines. I will probably try colouring some of the lines grey to soften the images and make them read clearer.

This is the only main character in the comic. Laura has told me before that she imagines her stories like watching an anime so I tried to add more 'manga' style elements to the figures.

hopefully I'll be back with some more interesting stuff in the week

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