Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thought Bubble 2012 and Music Anthology

We can now confirm Inspired Comics will have a table at Thought Bubble 2012. We're really excited because we had such a good time there last year. We'll be somewhere in the Saviles Hall again. :)

We're currently working on a comics anthology with a music theme and are hopping to release it in the autumn. I'm going to try to start blogging comics development and hopefully get some some music choices from the group to accompany the work. 

I haven't collected anything to post yet, but I went to see Blur with Sarah last week at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. We both drew sketches while we were there and Sarah has touched up some of them after the event. You can see more of Sarah's sketches here. It's interesting seeing how different our location drawings are.

I didn't draw as much as Sarah did, I was too busy singing badly along to my favourite songs ^^; . You can see the sketches I did of the warm up band here.

Blur - End of a Century 

Thanks for reading - hopefully I'll have more comic based blog posts over the next couple of months

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