Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Jacked In

This weeks preview is from Jacked In, a comic written by Laura McNulty and illustrated by Sammy Borras (that's me). We work together a lot and I always have fun making things with friends. Laura has been busy studying Japanese at university but I'm sure we'll find the time to make comics together again sometime in the future. Recently I have been creating lot of short story comics for the web and other group projects. I'm very excited about the launch of Ink+Paper this autumn, a thick comic/magazine organised by David O'Connell.

I mentioned last week that Lily was working on some projects but I wasn't sure how much I could tell you, but since last week they have been announced so I will fill you in. The LondonPrintStudio are running a comics course and Lily is one of 6 interns to get a place. I'm looking forward to following Lily's work and their group projects on their Comics Collective blog.

Lily is also working with Sarah on a zine for women. I'm hoping that it will be available to buy from our table at Thought Bubble, but I will make sure to let you know when it is officially released and how you can get hold of a copy.

I'll be back with more previews and news next week and hopefully some photos of our comic in print! it gets more and more exciting every week :)

Thanks again!

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