Sunday, 16 October 2011

Comics have arrived!

Hey everyone, exciting news! Our printed anthology came in the post this week. They look great! I'm really looking forward to taking them to comic shops and events. I'll let you know when they will be available and where from. We'll definitely be taking them to Thought Bubble this November :) (if I can get a good photo I will post it)

I drew some fanart of characters from the comics in the anthology this weekend and it was a lot of fun drawing everyones characters - hopefully I got the colouring roughly correct. Right to left characters are owned by Sarah Fogg, Lily-rose Beardshaw, Laura McNulty (writer), Sammy Borras, Luke Bayliss (writer), Harry Griffin-Hayes, Cat Reda, Shaz Jubeen, Jacob Boniface (writer), Jack Davies and Gemma Sheldrake.

And a massive thank you to all the contributors :)

Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting this blog
There will be more previews and news over the next couple of weeks


  1. Aw that's so cute. You should print that out to be a banner for the table or something?

  2. Thank you Gem XD I didn't even try to draw Isia - too difficult. I can print an A3 cover too and see if we can pin them to the front of the table cloth. :)
    thanks, Sammy.