Sunday, 21 July 2013

Post Manchester MCM Expo 2013

Super big thank you to everyone who came by our table at Manchester MCM Expo! Sarah, Jack and I had a great day! I hope you enjoyed the mini comics! Here is a tour of the table ...


Sarah brought some super cute Zelda mini notebooks and stickers! I think there is only one copy of Bad Fairy Bakery left now - you might be able to get a copy from Sarah's Etsy shop.

We had all avaliable issues of What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? on the table including the brand new summer issue!

This Is Not A Serious Music Publication Summer 2013 was printed just in time! (This Etsy!)
Mixtape is our latest Inspired group comics anthology!-Avaliable from my Etsy shop
Bear Pit is a zine created by a group in Bristol. Sarah has a comic in the latest issue! you can read more about their zines (and fairs) here

We also made a bunch of mini comics and zines recently! because they're so much fun to make!

Jack had copies of the thick full colour Alex comics! They are avaliable from Jack's Etsy shop!

I printed a new nostalgic slice of life story called 2002! There is also only one copy of Jumping The Shark left. I'm not planning to reprint them - it's listed on Etsy if you're interested.

Thanks again for a super time!
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