Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Alex's Escape

This page is the first from Alex's Escape written by Jacob Boniface and illustrated by Jack Davies. The artwork is really bold, there are some interesting panel layouts all though the short story. Jack has posted some great step by step process posts over on his own blog spot. You can find them through the links below. 

I also have some more events news and information.

We won't have an official selling table at Comica Comiket this year. Shazia might be around with the Pittville Press students (who I'm sure will have some great stuff anyway and will be worth finding). And Lily should be around doing some stuff with the London Print Studios Comics Collective - I'm not sure exactly what but it will probably be worth trying to find out what they're up to :)

Sorry that's kind of vague but we will definitely going up to Thought Bubble near the end of the month with a table and everything. :)

Thanks for reading

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