Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sci-Fi Anthology - Covers and Characters

This is another fantastic cover submission by Gemma Sheldrake. It's going to be very difficult this year to choose which cover to vote for. There are more covers waiting to be featured. I'm excited today because I've received the first set of final comic pages from Gem and they're looking awesome.

This is my cover submission. I'm a big fan of having a slice of life theme as the base for something with fantasy or science fiction twists.

All the comics I have submitted in Inspired anthologies are a collaboration with writer Laura McNulty. These are the character sheets for our sci-fi comic. We've known each other since I can ever remember so making comics together is a lot of fun. (and I'm sure Starbucks love the amount of coffee and paninis we needed this year to have time to develop the comic together.) 

Thanks again for reading - there will be plenty more updates to follow

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