Monday, 21 February 2011

Midlands MCM Expo 2011 Competition Winners

The Art contest at MCM Midlands Expo 2011 was judged by members of Inspired comics and Willie Hewes of Itch publishing. We were impressed with many of the entries, and it was hard job again to pick just four winners. For each category, we also picked runners up, art we felt deserved special mention.

Over 16 - Artists Alley -

Winner - Bethany Carless-Turland

Commended - Olwen Hills (left) and Donna Evans (right)

Over 16 - Pre-made -
Winner - Shanice Atkinson 

Commended - Louise Eckersall (left) and Lyndon White (right)

Under 16 - Artists Alley -

 Winner - Adele Cockerill  

 Commended - Hannah Stanway (left) and Clara Toellner (right)

Under 16 - Pre-made -
Winner - Beatrice Robbins

 Commended - Hannah Nutting (left) and Liz Crompton (right)

Awesome mention - Alissa Bamley

The good people at Letraset will send the prizes to the winners of each category, Bethany Carless-Turland, Sharice Atkinson, Adele Cockerill and Beatrice Robbins soon. Well done and thank you to everyone who entered the competition. We hope you had fun, and if you didn't win, please try again!


  1. I can see why mine didn't get mentioned here. After all a picture of some buildings is definetly manga. And seeing as I didn't add colours...
    If anyone wants to see my entry:

    Decide for yourself what you think.

  2. I really like the first one! :D

  3. EEEEE. I can't believe mine got in! (Pre made 16 over) Thank you so much! ; O ; All the working till 4am and arriving to the con late payed off. ; www ;

    My name is spelt 'Shanice' not Sharice though. Sorry, blame my awful handwriting. > <;

  4. @shiney - Sorry!! I'll correct that

    If anyone else has incorrect spellings, please let me know! :)

  5. Hey who won the "Under 16 Pre made" category?

  6. @Darya - sorry there is a typeo (I'll fix it) its the last category listed. Beatrice Robbins was the winner

  7. Thank you~

    Stupid question but should we be getting our pictures back too?

  8. YAY!!! im so happy! thanks for choosing my picture out of all the other great pictures! ^_^
    thank you sooo much!

  9. @Shiney - Sorry I can't afford to send all the orignal pictures to people. but I do have a 300dpi scan if you'd like I can e-mail it to the e-mail listed on your entry?

  10. Hey I'm so glad I won!
    Though it's the one time I entered and I didn't do it neatly ^^;

    Also was just wondering if you knew what the prizes are and when we might get them?

  11. @Bethany

    Sorry I don't know exact details on prizes, but I've passed your details on. :)

    everyone loved the BEAN BEAN BEAN BEAN BAG and your entry this year had a good selection of characters and poses and things.

  12. Aww cool I coloured it and thought it need something extra :)

    But it's a shame I haven't received anything yet :(